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Cerina Vincent 's depressed demeanor during her final scenes after Jeff leaves her was enhanced by the filming conditions; it was well after midnight for most of those scenes and the set was freezing cold. The original release had a brief mention at the end by the authorities about finding a dead body "in the basement", with no explanation to the audience about who they were talking about. Director of Photography Scott Kevan is visible in the rearview mirror in the truck when the kids are driving to the cabin. An unreleased scene, which would have gone shortly after Jeff and Marcy's sex scene, showed them having a violent fight, complete with them throwing objects at one another as well as harsh verbal abuse. Eli Roth still could not sell his script, as studios told him that it should be more like Scream Eli Roth originally intended to play Deputy Winston himself, but Giuseppe Andrews gave a really impressive audition. Cerina Vincent 's portrayal of this scene won her the role of Marcy.

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The first symptom of Marcy's illness that the movie draws attention to are the red hand-shaped marks on her back, where Paul grabbed her when they were having sex.

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Cabin Fever (2002) Nude Scenes

As the film progresses the light levels become increasingly darker. Eventually the two hammered out a compromise - Vincent would show one inch of her ass on film, no more, no less. The cabin is part of the boy scouts' "Camp Raven Knob", south-east of Mt. The first sex scene between Jeff and Marcy is inter-spliced with shots of Bert shooting squirrels.

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