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Tied in with some humor to keep you laughing, Henai is all about roleplay, and taking charge in sexual scenarios. So you have a very weak willed and crybaby seme type, and on the other hand you have a very strong willed and poised seme delinquent who does whatever he wants, however he wants. A compelling story, well developed characters, all come together to create a Yaoi masterpiece that many will truly come to love. I love to travel around Japan and learn about the history and culture! Girls are gang raped, murdered, and mutilated all for pleasure, with no one coming to their aid to put an end to this twisted individual.

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Heaven. Age: 27.
ero manhwa

A passionate fan of gaming, writing, journalism, anime, and philosophy.

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Estella. Age: 23.
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Just what will Ion do, and how will he do it? Two excessively horny boys who struggle and maintain a relationship, while dealing with their adolescent lifestyle in school is definitely an exciting story for those who enjoy the Yaoi genre. Henai is the first of the six which looks at the strange love between the two main characters, and how they cope with their differences in sexual desires. The master-servant relationship that Seiji and Baron have are at times overbearing because of all the sex that takes place, paired with the abuse that Seiji puts up with at times.

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