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I wounder what's gunna happen when you lose your virginity Why we're not going to do anything too harmful to you.. Gaara shivered slightly as the warm air tickled his ear. Both boys smirked at each other and started to plan their revenge. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. He was confused for a moment until he found out why the boy moaned Their dicks where already rather hard, a dark pink, head shaped like a heart, the vein at the bottom pulsing out and purple, and precum coming out of the tip.

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Liliana. Age: 20.
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He tried to glare but couldn't since he was still going through pleasurable spasms from cumming so hard especially since this, once again, was his first orgasm.

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Josephine. Age: 27.
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Soon they started to thrust with Sasuke in lead. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Gaara shook his head rapidly in the 'no' motion as if saying he didn't want to. Your not a virgin any more remember so it won't hurt as much now.

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