Uncircumcised docking

uncircumcised docking
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Previously - How to Get Laid at the Gym. The first thing to remember is that size DOES matter. Yes, I'm talking about the rare occasion in America and Israel, at least when you wind up with a foreskin in your hands. It doesn't feel like anything if you're just sucking the skin over the head. The biggest thing to remember, though, is that unlike a cut cock, when dealing with an uncircumcised member you can grip hard and really work the skin. I interviewed a bunch of uncut gay guys the only demographic that has been on both the receiving and giving end of this particular activity and they offered some simple tips for giving a long-skinned dude the beej of his lifetime. If you have no clue what you're doing, ask the person on the other side of that cock what he wants.

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Macy. Age: 21.
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Some foreskins will be tight as a drum when the penis is hard, while others have a bit of turkey neck dangling down even at full mast.

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Lydia. Age: 21.
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5 Wild Sex Things to Do With An Uncircumcised Dude

How much they have will decide what you can do with it. Now that we have the basic bobbing technique down, here are some next-level tips that you can tell him your gay best friend taught you. Previously - How to Get Laid at the Gym. No wonder everyone freaks out when they see a foreskin—those things are complicated.

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