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The clit can be rubbed with a finger, or stimulated with a vibrator. As you become more aroused and are nearing orgasm, teasing time is over. Some trans women have surgery to change their penis into a clitoris and vagina. Myths and facts Setting the record straight. Experiment with different pressures, rhythms and speed of touch to find out what feels best for your clit! The shaft then divides into two wings or crura that stretch down either side of the vulva in a wishbone-like shape. Attitudes towards the clitoris have changed during different periods of history.

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video clitoris

Someone with a penis can take estrogen and other hormones if they want their body to be more feminine.

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Put some lubricant onto your fingertips and stroke your clit with your lubed up fingers. Did you know that the clitoris is the only organ in the human body with the sole purpose of providing pleasure? Everyone should have access to accurate and judgment-free information about anatomy and pleasure. Place one or two fingers on the clitoral hood.

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