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Just everything daddy seemed to do to me had me on the absolute edge of madness and orgasm! He was over twice my age but this masculine and ruggedly handsome man had made me swoon two weeks earlier. Suddenly I felt a shock and my insides were buzzing. Yet here I was enthusiastically being used for his pleasure unable to object yet also not in any way wanting for him to stop. Finally I was given pause while Daddy helped me to me feet. I had never experienced more joy in my young life than when Daddy had fucked me that unforgettable day two weeks ago. I was immediately locked by my wrists into a wooden arm spreader and he hoisted the spreader toward the ceiling until I was standing almost only on my toes.

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Kali. Age: 22.
daddy boy gay stories

He would slowly shove each into my willing and excited bottom.

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Ximena. Age: 25.
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Becoming Daddy's Boy

It was awkward being on my toes so Daddy lowered the spreader some so my feet could be flat on the floor. As crazy as it may sound it was music to my ears. Unfortunately, lying on my hard over-stimulated cock made this an incredulously difficult and arduous task most of the time.

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