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While others might parade their ordinariness as some kind of PR tool, Winslet is simply telling the truth. Then nothing until the baby is six months old, when filming begins on an adaptation of Ther ese Raquin, from the novel by Zola in which she takes the lead. Not that she needs it: Kate Winslet has the skin of a new-picked peach and a mouth so perfectly shaped, flawlessly full and symmetrical that it's hard not to stare. Because if you don't have that, you're just regurgitating stuff and pretending basically. Kate Winslet performs both parts: the incredulous straphanger and the defensive one-of-the-people celebrity. Yet it is in Holy Smoke that you find echoes of the journey Winslet herself has made from gangling girl to blooming young woman. Four years ago she was a gangling girl.

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Although hardly an obvious career move, Hideous Kinky proved pivotal because it was on location in Morocco that she met Jim Threapleton, then assistant director, now adored husband and father of baby-to-be. And it's such a relief that Jim and I, we're doing it together and we're going through this life thing together and it's such a huge adventure. So how has she changed in the last four years? And actually I stopped the character taking on its own life, because I was watching myself and I wasn't liking myself up on the screen, and that's not right.

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