Latina worship

latina worship
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For example, drums and guitars replaced the piano and organ. Bulletins are still printed with an order of worship, but the services themselves seem to be more alegre alive or happy than before, and the participation of members much more inclusive. The Hispanicity of the worshipers was only visible at rare moments when visitors came from churches in Mexico. Doctrinal sermons, if preached, must touch the hearts, not just the heads of the congregation. Hispanic Pentecostal worship seems to have its stronghold in the cities among the poorest of the poor. The singing and clapping that are characteristic of many Hispanic worship services are also an expression of this need for congregational participation.

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Hispanic Baptists have no common worship pattern and struggle between the old and the new in their search for something authentically Hispanic and authentically Baptist.

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Our 95 Theses: Hispanic Perspectives on the Protestant Reformation

It's subtly there, ever-present. But in the last five years worship in this church has become more participatory and lively. As a result worship became more reflective of the Hispanic community. Many of the forms found in early Baptist churches tend to repeat themselves today in Hispanic Baptist congregations, as described in the chapter written by Miguel Darino, a colleague of mine from the American Baptist convention.

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