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When she opened her eyes again she saw the king palming himself through those tight leather pants. Your toes curl at the thought, and you press your breasts into his face as he moves to trap you underneath him. You watch as his cock disappears back into his sheath, already sad at the loss of it. He snarled at her, bristling. He looked shocked for a moment as he racked his eyes from her face down her very scantily clad body. She would never look back again. He hisses at your enthusiasm.

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All day she had had a deep need inside that made everything feel far more sensitive than it should have.

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Tinley. Age: 28.
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She had been needing this all day. His thick tail stretches out in front of you, gold and black scales shimmering in the firefight making him look just as venomous as he was. She loved the power she held, it made her confidence grow, making her dig deep into her sensuality. She moaned and bit her lip as she added pressure to it, her toes tingling from the sensation.

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