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That was the thing about a good marriage though, Laura had finished combing her hair and was applying just a bit of lip gloss on the center of her full, round lips, it was a careful balancing act, wasn't it? Warning: If you like your chicks with dicks to be demure and sweet When she considered the girth of her own appendage, she tried to think of herself in Matt's shoes. I'm a circus freak," she bellowed into the receiver, her pulse pounding in her temples. Sex, she snorted, it was almost a giggle and if this were happening to anyone else, it would have been quite funny. The second she was angry and had called and left an awful message with Dr. That was why she had a vibrator.

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Now her cock and balls moved with her as well, every step came with a jiggle and a swish and she wondered if all men felt this connected to this strange, almost separate animal that resided between their thighs or if this was just part of the adjustment.

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Her husband had stopped behind her and had run his left hand around her waist from behind, whispering into the mess of her blonde curls. His brother, Michael, would have made a horrible husband and god knows the man couldn't commit to save his life. It was another secret and usually, she had to imagine that it was Michael, feasting on her nether regions, at least in order to get close to a real orgasm.

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