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Lesbian hentai is anime that feature sex scenes that stray from the traditional boy-meets-girl plot line and explore something different. The first is Mai Sawaguchi, who falls in love with her friend Reo Kawamura. Viper GTS is a supernatural hentai featuring demons and angels. Plus Kururu and Rei are very different girls, so whether you like the dark and mysterious type or the cute and bubbly type, you'll get a bit of both. Lesbian hentai is out there, just waiting to be explored and enjoyed. Shoujo Sect is the story of childhood friends that eventually grow up to be something so much more - but it doesn't happen fast! Relationships between two girls can be as varied as between a heterosexual couple.

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What style of hentai do you think works the best with lesbian leads?

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But Hiyori has a terrible secret. So if you're looking for a romantic, but still sexy lesbian hentai to watch, Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo is great. It doesn't hold back on the group sex scenes, and you can expect lots of intense lesbian action.

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