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long pointy breasts
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If anything seems out of the ordinary , definitely talk to your doctor ASAP. In fact, "it's a good idea to perform self-exams once a month , preferably right after your period has ended," Dr. If you have breasts, then you've probably wondered if your boobs are healthy. Boobs definitely deserve this much attention — especially since they play such a large role in our health. If the shape is bothering you, feel free to do the same and bring up any questions that are weighing on your mind. Typically, the boobs we see displayed in the media and in movies are lifted up and pushed together to create cleavage, so you might have preconceived ideas about the amount of space that "should" be between your boobs. With so many breast shapes out there, it's safe to assume yours are a-OK.

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While it's not an unhealthy condition, he says many people with boobs talk with their doctors just to make sure.

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11 Common Breast Shapes & Ones To Talk To Your Doctor About

Most people's boobs aren't perfectly identical , so don't be concerned if one of your boobs has always been bigger than the other. While it might feel weird to talk about your boobs with your doctor, it's always better to ask questions and be safe than sorry. This should go without saying, but if you find or see a lump in your breast, definitely get it checked out.

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