Sakura haruno and ino yamanaka

sakura haruno and ino yamanaka
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InoSaku is actually a very popular Yuri couple. Sakura insisted however, saying that she wouldn't tie her hitae-ate around her forehead until she could stand face-to-face with Ino instead of trailing behind her. Sakura warns Ino that Sai's personality is very different from Sasuke's. Sakura and Ino start arguing again. They discuss the matches and share commentary on each fight. Ino is not sure why Sakura would call her out just to say something like that, so Sakura continues, declaring that from now on, she will never lose to Ino. When they arrive, both insist that they crossed the threshold into the classroom first and shove the other, turning it into another argument.

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After the Sound Ninja have been dealt with, Ino calls Sakura over and offers to help her fix her hair which she cut off during the battle.

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Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka - N-206 - Rare

Her ninjutsu and taijutsu are also exceptional. However, Sakura wrestles back control from Ino using her "Inner Sakura" to force Ino to release the technique. Their lingering affection for the other leaves them both using "kid gloves," especially Ino, who's taijutsu is superior but who is more held back by her feelings for Sakura. Sakura is then praised for hers as well, and Sakura blushes and smiles as Ino claps beside her.

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