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twitch streamer nova
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She specializes in first-person shooter games and has attracted approximately , followers on Twitch. All you have to do is tap into these reserves of much potential. She often also leverages the IRL feature on Twitch to share fun-filled real-life moments and experiences. It allows them to boast high engagement rates, making them very good candidates for your influencer marketing campaign. Additionally, she also vlogs plenty of creative content as well.

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Mariah. Age: 30.
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Kacey is a blast to watch especially with her sarcastic comebacks and bold personality.

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Kennedi. Age: 32.
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Top Female Twitch Streamers – The Rise of Female Streamers in Gaming

KittyPlays , aka Kristen is a year-old streamer from British Columbia. With more than , followers, this Twitch girl has managed to become one of the biggest stars on the platform. A science geek, her username is derived from the equation of the Schwarzschild radius. Kasey Caviness, or Kaceytron as she is better known, has , followers on Twitch.

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