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Puzzle is a big fan of British sitcoms and enjoys feel-good movies. He is a male stripper at " The Elephant's Trunk ". Personal tools Create account Log in. To this day, Diamond is the most popular girl at the club and frequently has trysts with co-workers and customers without her boss's knowledge. Being a herbivore , she didn't know what to do, especially since she didn't want to hurt Disraeli.

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Amanda. Age: 25.
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Diamond has had trysts with Vince the rhino , Dax the wolf , and Ruby the red panda , but she has had long-term relationships with Glitter the gazelle and Puzzle the giraffe, the latter who is her live-in girlfriend and main love.

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Madison. Age: 22.
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Puzzle appeared in Hit the Beach , and an adults-only portfolio entitled "Pieces of the Puzzle" went on sale in Fall She is a stripper at "The Safari". At the same time, Alex moved away to pursue his musical dreams. However, their hatred motivates them to avoid each other most of the time.

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