Sph caption

sph caption
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Numerical predictions of post-flow behaviour of granular materials using an improved SPH model. It is observed that the failure propagates from the toe to the crest of the slope. Following this work, an improved version of SPH incorporating hydrostatic pore water pressure was developed to simulate an embankment having two sloping sides with a high groundwater table [12]. As the sectional view of the FE model shown in Fig. Revealing the mechanism of the force dragging the soft bag in the dynamic process of deep soil coring. After an equilibrium state is reached, the stresses in the slope are kept unchanged but the strains and displacements are reset to zero.

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An improved SPH method for saturated soils and its application to investigate the mechanisms of embankment failure: Case of hydrostatic pore-water pressure.

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Computing layers can be combined by the interaction force, according to the u-p w theory [13,14] that is widely used in geotechnical engineering [15][16] [17] [18]. Finally, if a constitutive model is known, the above governing equations can be solved using the Leap-frog time integration scheme [35,74]. SPH has been used in a wide range of geotechnical applications such as granular flows [7], soil-structure interaction [8] [9], localised failure [10][11][12][13], seepage flow [14] and soil cracking [15][16][17].

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