Mortal kombat 1 sonya

mortal kombat 1 sonya
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Despite her sorrow over Cage's death, an emotionally guilt-ridden Sonya continues to aid her fellow Earthrealm warriors and Raiden in bringing an end to Shao Kahn's rule. She also incorporates gymnastics into some of her moves, such as her Kartwheel Kick move and Scissor Split fatality. Mortal Kombat: Rebirth is a short film directed by Kevin Tancharoen. Her hair is in a bob cut with a head band. Afterwards, she successfully fends off an assassination attempt on her life by Mileena, and is saved from one of Shao Kahn's unearthly creatures by Jax. Sonya wakes up in a hospital, injured but alive, greeted by Stryker, who informs her she's been unconscious for nearly a week. Things'll never go back to what they were.

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Sabrina. Age: 30.
mortal kombat 1 sonya

Sometime later, Kano comes to visit her, to taunt and mock her, prompting Sonya to spit on him in disgust, though Kano furiously headbutts her and draws his knife, threatening to kill her like he did her partner.

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Bianca. Age: 30.
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Sonya Blade

Sonya finds Jax shortly after he's beaten Kano in a brutal fist fight and shoots a Black Dragon member just as they threw a grenade at Jax. Things'll never go back to what they were. When Sonya asks to see, Stryker tells her he's been transferred to a different location and is in surgery, before assuring her they have a plan to help Jax.

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