Sakura dungeon 2

sakura dungeon 2
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It wasn't until she was defeated by another dungeon lord where she put her life into perspective. It was there she met a young Sylvi who only came up to her knee at the time. She is the master of the town on the surface, and is respected by all of those who live there. She was the previous owner of the Sakura Dungeon, who was trapped in a puzzle at some point several thousand years ago. This is because she appears to have lost most of her power when her dungeon was taken over and needs time to get her strength back.

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Adalynn. Age: 31.
sakura dungeon 2

She once spent some time at a small Elven village that she saved.

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Lana. Age: 32.
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50 Games Like Sakura Dungeon for PC Windows - page 2

Yomi is encountered at the beginning of the game, before you enter the dungeon, however, she can not be used in battle until after Level 8. Ceri : Yomi enjoys teasing Ceri when she can. I think it's natural to care about others. She had to hide among the humans and over time she began to love them.

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