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Maybe he just really likes that part of my inner thigh. Moreover, each time I give a guy a tug, I'm pitting my dick pulling technique against the one person who has beaten that dick senseless for around 20 years give or take —the dude the dick is attached to. Palming off a guy is only mildly intimidating, so I can only imagine how terrifying it must be for a bloke to finger a girl--the differences between vaginas and feminine preference is vaster and more overwhelming than that of penises from my experience at least. Rubbing circles on my labia with the palm of your hand feels exactly the same as it does when I rub in lotion for thrush or post-wax soothing cream, i. It normally happens when I'm at my horniest, just dying to have something, anything, in me after enjoying some "heavy petting. When you've got your face nose deep in pussy, chuck one inside and use your free hand to squeeze a nipple. Now, imagine that feeling inside your pee hole.

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It just looks sort of trite and forced, and inspires this sense of foreboding like something very, very terrible and unsexy is about to happen, like the bit in American Pie where Jason Biggs does the striptease.

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Angelique. Age: 30.
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Dudes: Avoid These Common Fingerbanging Mistakes

Plus women have all these ancillary bits all up in there, whereas with guys it's pretty obvious exactly where the boner is if you can't work it out meet me behind the bike sheds after school, I need to show you some stuff. Do us all a favor and cut your damn nails; we don't give a shit about your guitar playing or your band or whatever dumb reason you made up because you're simply a lazy filthy pig that can't be arsed to cut his nails. Previously: Rubbing One Out with a Roommate.

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