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She teased his tongue a bit and then massaged it with her on while she rubbed his erection roughly. But he wouldn't give in just like that. He had been away for 2 weeks now and she missed him dearly. She rolled to his side in the bed trying to catch his smell. The laugh made the corners of Sakura's mouth turn up a bit but the amusement was gone as she heard Ino. Her moans were so sexy it made him get more aroused.

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He was so overprotective, even if he didn't show it to anyone else.

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Sakura Masturbates

She retook her previous position as Sasuke sat by the corner of the bed. A while later she caught sight of her blond friend and she wondered how on Earth she had agreed to all this. She took in his middle finger and sucked on it ad proceeded to repeat the motion with all his fingers, always looking at him in the eyes. The knot came loose and Ino opened the robe, revealing Sakura's slightly full breasts to the world.

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