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violated heroine english download
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Usually this is just a temporary visual glitch which has no effect on the rest of the game. Even if you don't know Japanese you can still help out by correcting the spelling and grammar mistakes you spot while playing the game. Welcome to the Violated Heroine wiki. If you happen to know some Japanese and would like to help with the translation, please check out the translation team's git repository and see if you can lend a hand. This page was last modified on 29 January , at In this game you take control of a young heroine named Nanako, and guide her on her deadly but often erotic adventures.

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violated heroine english download

If that still doesn't work then you might have skipped a step and messed up your installation.

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VH → Setup

It happens, this game has many bugs and glitches. Download and install this small program called DXGL , then add the exe file s to the config, that solves the screen-flickering problem. Apply the fix at your own risk.

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