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And her attraction to white guys seemed to be the trigger. L: Like, holy shit, like, I just realized I'm doing this. And when white men reach out to Asian women, like all women of color in the study, Asian women tend to respond to white men over men of their own race. Every time I tell the story, this is the moment people audibly groan. Like, just take a look at your romantic trajectory. I was, like, weirdly stuck in this comfort zone of these, like, white guys - whether it was because, you know, they approached me, whether it was because they were the people I was around, that was just what I had gotten used to.

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And she happened upon a thread about sexual attraction.

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Her personal troll multiplied into other trolls, dozens of disturbing messages, photos, tags, memes, even a thinly veiled death threat. So we, like, probably made out like three times that night, but each full of nothingness. And L was proud to be Chinese-American.

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