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Then I shrug the thought off and carry on. Samson, Europe, 35 yrs Interviewer: How important is the experience of headspace to pup play for you? Chicago: University of Chicago Press. That is, the majority of our interview data, like that of Wignall, came from a European mostly UK context and it may be possible that the pup play experience is qualitatively different in North America. Folks asked me if I had been naughty or if I was alright. The themes are: sexual pleasure; relaxation, therapy, and escape from self; adult play and vibrant physicality; extending and expressing selfhood; and relationships and community.

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Zainab. Age: 23.
lesbian puppy play

At its most extreme, this can also be an activity in which the puppy persona assists the human in managing their mental health.

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Alexandra. Age: 24.
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The Psychology of Puppy Play: A Phenomenological Investigation

Archives of Sexual Behavior, 46, — Cambridge, UK: Polity Press. A key element for most participants that was not explored in the study by Wignall and McCormack was the way that puppy play is inherently relational.

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