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The full quote is "That's no moon, it's a space station! Most likely a reference to the "This is Good for Bitcoin" meme. Redstone is used to create switches, and many types of ore can be found. References how people on Twitter often request for a Mojangsta to reply to their tweet, often of a bug report, feature request, or question. Most of today's video games, including Minecraft , are visually based on polygons. Refers to the Japanese anime film Akira.

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Splashes have been in Minecraft since Indev , with new ones regularly added, usually as part of major releases.

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Keyboard Cat is an internet meme wherein after someone makes an embarrassing mistake a cat is shown playing a keyboard, frequently accompanied by the phrase "play him off, keyboard cat". However, at the time of addition, infinite terrain had not yet been implemented in the Bedrock Edition. Refers to the Star Trek saying "Engage! This is the only splash in all development builds of Bedrock Edition.

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