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How can we catch the creepy peepers we're so scared of if we don't leave them cracks so we can peep them peepin' creepy? Do you want kids with shit juice on their hands? The thing about wiping is that we all probably do it in different ways.. So they would scoot all over the floors and walls trying to get poop off. Please Note: Bot accounts are not allowed. Hard to teach this to your kids if they spend hours a day at daycare and do most of their pooping away from home. They still manage to completely botch the wipe job most of the time.

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Use poo scissors like a normal human being.

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I can count on both hands how many times Ive encountered someone who walks in, pulls their pants down does not cover the toilet seat or wipe it off , takes a dump, thinks for a second and then stands up and walks out of the bathroom. They still manage to completely botch the wipe job most of the time. I feel like it has something to do with my combination of ass follicles and fecal composition, because I have to use a mile of god damn toilet paper before it comes out clean. So, I'll sometimes have to do that at the end.

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