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I do residencies once a month. What I can do is just take care of my little corner of the world as much as possible. By Scott Dodd on Sep 26, I think everybody in my generation is having a difficult time dealing with family dynamics. I mean, do you actually go to campus and sit in classes? Did all of this really materialize for you when your daughter was born? So my interest is in using my established career to create rapid change in sustainability within mass media production.

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I do residencies once a month.

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Megan Boone Returns To TV Tonight On ‘The Blacklist’

The thing about climate activism, is that it can often get so scientific, and nerdy, and hippie-dippie. She gave me some very good advice. Our conversation has been edited for clarity and concision. And once I was exposed to the realities of what our culture was doing to us and to our future generations, I no longer felt like my life was in keeping with that journey, unless I moved toward being a leader in the shift toward a sustainable culture.

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