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But that can wait for future version, no need to insist on it at this stage I think. The plugin checks a series of events before allowing the password reset email to be sent. This local plugin allows an external service to access moodles reset password functionality. Thank-you again for looking through this plugin. By posting a secure key, along with the user accounts email address, the local plugin will check against certain criteria before loggin, and sending the moodle password reset email. Obviously a horrible implementation, and was never going to be used on the live production site. I had changed this in a later version but did not re-upload the code to this page.

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And the server side setup would be more complicated as the user would have to create a dedicated web service user account for this password reset this user's token would then be stored in the app after the first successful authentication.

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I do not think that the MD5 hash provides any extra security here. If you have any further input on a different route in which I can turn this plugin into a web-service without the user-authentication then I will be happy to follow that route, and add it to my existing webservices plugin. I had changed this in a later version but did not re-upload the code to this page. I then went to post to the developers forum as above, asking for a good way to implement this properly.

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