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Sara fell to her knees, overcome with the sensations, feeling the need to flee, to run, but from what? He was so docile, so afraid to reach out and take what was in front of him. Every action seemed to send the blue-skinned beauty into deeper depths of physical arousal and shock. She was too uncertain to tell him, too worried about his meekness to spill the stories of how human merchants cupped her melon-like breasts as if examining Ryl-fruit, offering to put up credits to sponsor her as a dancer or concubine. There was no denying that the act of servicing such brutal, hung young boys was triggering an unwilling, explosive response in her body. A warbling sound came from her mouth, it was a sound that had no conscious thought or sentiment behind it, only pure, overwhelming sensation. Every nerve ending in her body tingled, and her lekku seemed to throb with so much sensory input.

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Zoey. Age: 29.
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The audacity of the boys, to defile her home planet in such a way, simply taking what they wished and tossing aside refuse in their wake; it was quintessentially human.

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Kelsey. Age: 25.
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Tears welled in her eyes and her nose was running. Please, beat me like the dumb bitch I am! After hesitating for a moment, perhaps too ashamed to repeat the words, Tali told her what the boys had said. Humans took what they wanted.

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