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In " The Victor ", Launch 's panties are visible as her dress is constantly flapping up from the wind caused by Piccolo 's Explosive Demon Wave. When she finds out the Dragon Balls are active again, her white panties are seen up her skirt as she sets all the balls down outside. Ranfan's fight in the Toonami broadcast was shortened by completely cutting out the scene where she strips and is in her panties. Though she did not get a good look at the thief, she remembers they had a piggish appearance, causing Kid Goku and Kid Trunks to immediately suspect Oolong. After this, Master Roshi starts to touch her. When the officer rides by them, the force of the wind made by his vehicle rips the skirt off of one of the women, revealing her panties before she runs off-screen.

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Paula. Age: 29.
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She also has a brief upskirt when looking at a car in " Krillin's Proposal ".

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Olivia. Age: 26.
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Dragon Ball: Every Perverted Bulma Scene In The Original Anime

Shortly after this, another woman's skirt is blown up when Nappa unleashes his Volcano Explosion upon the city. She is in them from this episode all the way to the episode " Penguin Village ". In " The Pirate Treasure ", Bulma strips her shorts, shoes and socks off and swims underwater in her red panties.

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