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chris redfield and piers nivans
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As the school typically kept out of contact with the outside world, the three had to travel there in a Gambit. Nivans was able to contact HQ during the trip, and work began preparing the relief mission. Searching through the J'avo-held carrier, the two finally found Carla and crossed paths with agents Leon Kennedy and Helena Harper. However, Nivans refused to follow Chris into the sphere; throwing him inside, Nivans sealed the door and launched the pod. After seeing the chrysalis bodies, Chris finally remembered everything. Nivans' earliest known mission took place in August

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While the local Oceania Branch soldiers secured the area outside the university, the three made their way inside.

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Piers Nivans

Beyond that, Nivans' physical mutation was no different from Derek C. Nivans himself uncovered his location from university students; having taken his nephew Ricky Tozawa along for extra credit, he had boasted the trip to his friends. Redfield found an unmutated survivor, Tozawa.

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