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After taking a two year hiatus from football, Williams now appears to have his weight under control with the Seattle Seahawks. With that in mind, it felt like the right time to organize a whole squad full of the heftiest players in NFL history. He was also dropped from the Miami Dolphins roster after complaints from head coach Jimmy Johnson about his rapidly changing size. William Perry, who was best known for his time with the Chicago Bears, was a dominating presence on the team's defensive line. While he was a dominant figure with his size, he ran into trouble with drugs, and was suspended twice for testing positive for cocaine usage. Affectionately known as "The Bus," Bettis was praised for his ability to go for contact and to take advantage of his size. Surprisingly, that was a drop from his high school weight of pounds.

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Known best for his candor on the sidelines, Ryan has seen his weight become fodder for both opposing coaches and former Jets quarterback Joe Namath.

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Surprisingly, that was a drop from his high school weight of pounds. He also has the distinction of being on the cover of a Sports Illustrated magazine titled "Phat Backs. Gibson, who last saw an NFL regular season roster in , holds the record as the heaviest player in league history. Speaking of bigger waistlines, when it comes to the NFL , there's plenty of weight to go around.

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