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girls peeing on the toilet
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There, greeting me in the stall was a toilet In fact, we will no longer stand, period. But if you are going to do whatever you can to avoid sitting directly on the seat, allow me to kindly remind you of the refrain many of us we were taught in nursery school: If you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be neat and wipe the seat. We can do it all and look better doing it than the boys! It creates a positive feedback loop—do nice things, feel giddy, make others jazzed, get more kindness back. The Signs of a Midlife Crisis.

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Leilani. Age: 28.
girls peeing on the toilet

Women, I ask you: Why do we care more about avoiding a perfectly clean toilet seat than we do about how leaving behind our own mess will make other women feel?

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Jaida. Age: 27.
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Can We All Agree to Stop Peeing on Toilet Seats?

And the fact that I even have to be in this situation makes me wonder why as women, we're not being more kind to each other. Studies have shown that practicing kindness can have a profound effect on our own happiness. It only took one small moment for my feelings of lady pride to come crashing to a deafening halt.

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