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He is "a lanky, bony-cheeked young man. In this way, Tala explains, he also managed to atone every day for her unnecessary death. Eddie looks at the Captain to see a man he hardly recognized without the layer of ash and dirt on his face - a young man in a pristine, clean army uniform who explains that for his Heaven he wished to see what the world was like before war, fighting, conflicts, and cruelty. Mickey Shea : He is a family friend. Tala : Tala is a young girl Eddie sees in a burning hut.

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Jaliyah. Age: 27.
young heaven page 6

Emile was wounded while fighting a fire that burned much of Ruby Pier and later died from pneumonia.

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Olivia. Age: 27.
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Through their conversation, Eddie finds out that he is dead, has gone to Heaven and has embarked on a journey through five levels of Heaven, at each step meeting another person who has had a significant impact upon his life, or upon whom he has had a significant impact. This article needs additional citations for verification. This is the reason that Eddie's father, a harsh and abusive man, became a part of Ruby's Heaven. Marguerite's love for weddings comes from the look in all the brides and grooms' eyes right before the ceremony; the shared feeling that their love will without a doubt break all the records.

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