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He was supposed to kill Charlie, but fell in love with him. Doctor Michaels will be with you shortly. Going to the doctors will never be the same again! You see this was going to be my new business as a masseuse. Well been having trouble down under and without putting too fine a detail on it, I have had difficulty in passing - Doc Rudge gave me a good examination on the bench, "lay on your side and lift and bend your right leg" he said. The Doc checks me out and asks me to open my shirt and vest and lie down, which I think a bit unusual.

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Cock-Driven Examination I sat with my feet up, fiddling with the stethoscope around my neck, waiting for my last appointment before the surgery closed.

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Kaiya. Age: 29.
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So, after the x-ray, blood samples, I enter the doctor's chamber. First Customer for Doctor Michaels I was at work awaiting my first patient. Doctor Michaels will be with you shortly.

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