Footsie under the table

footsie under the table
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Parodied in the Italian movie Fracchia contro Dracula where the female vampire attempts to seduce the titular character using this Cookies help us deliver our services. Above the table, she can look nonchalant or indifferent so as to not arouse suspicion, or she can have a coy little smile as she enjoys watching Bob's reaction to her hidden antics, whether he's embarrassed or enjoying the attention she's giving him. Main All Subpages Create New. Within the Heralds of Valdemar series by Mercedes Lackey , the Heralds are shown to have a non-verbal code language devised to allow discreet conversations while apparently playing footsie with each other.

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footsie under the table

In such a case, when the mistake is discovered, expect hilarity to ensue.

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Footsie Under the Table

Views Read View source View history. A sub-trope of Foot Focus , and often it's a very specific type of Fetish. When done in fictional settings, it's done for Author Appeal or Fan Service. As he retrieves it, the woman turns to her date and slaps him for being fresh.

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