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She stands down and asks Niki to come with her; they split up when she doesn't break her contract and leave with her, making her realize that Niki only slept with her to get the part in the film. In season two, Tim decides to move out of Los Angeles, and shares a good-natured farewell with Jenny. She sucked the life out of everyone who crossed her path. This was because she had planned to have Jenny romantically involved mostly with females, but with some males too. Even when you're ready to". She begins a relationship with Carmen de la Pica Morales Sarah Shahi , who previously had sex with Shane, unaware that Carmen is only using her to make Shane jealous, something Jenny realizes after overhearing Carmen speaking negatively about her behind her back to Shane.

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Jenny's teacher accuses her of being a non-fiction writer because of her prose resembling Jenny's past.

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In season four, the story later gets turned into a stage play, then a film titled Lez Girls. Kirshner has stated she loved playing Jenny because she felt like a brand new character during each season. Jenny starts teasing Max by buying him feminine gifts for his pregnancy. While in Canada for Shane and Carmen's failed wedding, Jenny meets and has sex with a French writer, Claude, and they begin a relationship.

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