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But if a mother buys into the assumptions that underlie this advice, it opens her up to a world of hurt. In this case, your baby may indeed be sucking but not drinking. Where did this odd outlook come from? The number of minutes a baby nurses tells us nothing about the volume of milk consumed. I told her that I always assume a baby nursing at breast is getting milk. After all, which came first, the breast or the pacifier? Breastfeeding Reporter Blog.

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The AAP encourages parents to feed their babies whenever they show feeding cues increased activity, rooting, mouthing , no matter how often these cues appear.

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For more on how breast and bottle affect risk of overfeeding and obesity, see THIS study. Because this baby was breastfeeding more, her weight gain had improved. If we want to make our world more breastfeeding friendly, part of our job must be to discredit this kind of misguided advice. Iowa Breastfeeding Conference.

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