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Both the ladder and that iconic pea under the mattresses give us a good way to schematize aesthetic discourse. In the time that remains in the class, volunteers may read their critiques and show their meta-critique drawings. Students might view the text and drawing samples as data and make hypotheses based on their observations. Ecker, with my deepest gratitude and appreciation for his inspired teaching and mentorship. Delete details that are not essential features of the art experience.

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princess kaelin

The nice thing about this model is that it works as well upside down, too.

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We begin at step 2 on ladder, which is criticism. Instead of a pea, imagine a painting, or an installation, or a performance as that insistent kernel underlying layers of criticism and theory. A school of philosophy led by Edmund Husserl, phenomenology can be used as a method of describing the experience you are having, without explaining it or making hypotheses.

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