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Name: Genny
Years old: 34

But if they get it wrong, then they lose a piece of clothing. If I could have any super power, which one would I have?

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What is one thing on my bucket list? What is my biggest dream? What is one thing I do daily?

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What is my favorite local restaurant? What is my favorite dessert? What is my least favorite food? Who is my celebrity crush?

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If your spouse gets the answer correct- you lose a piece of clothing. What is one thing I have never done? What is the one thing that makes me feel most loved?

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What is my favorite season? What is my favorite feature on you?

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Do I like hugging or kissing more? What household chore do I dislike the most?

What is my snack of choice? What is my favorite book? What is my proudest accomplishment? What household chore do I not mind doing?

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Who is my favorite author? Who is my biggest role model?

What do I want to do during retirement? What is my favorite food? What is my favorite memory of us?

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What is my favorite tradition that we do together? What is my favorite song?

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What is my favorite memory from childhood? What is my favorite movie?

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What is my favorite place to visit? What is my favorite thing we have bought together? Where do I most want to travel to?

Cartoon-style illustration of an elderly couple playing strip poker.

What is my idea of the perfect date? What do I love most about your family?

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With your spouse take turns asking each other the selected questions. If I could be any age again, what age would I be?


Do this until you run out of questions, or clothes, whichever one comes first! Strip Trivia Game Instructions: With your spouse take turns asking each other the selected questions. What is a quality I most admire about others?

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What is my biggest pet peeve What is my biggest fear? What is my favorite color? What is my dream job? What is my favorite animal?

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