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We were fortunate that we warsaw gentlemens club the crime in a different town in the north and, to be fair, the police officer there was amazing. Jerozolimskie 53 entrance from ul. That is around GBP or Euros in one go. Now it turns out the club put through thousands of pounds through his credit card. One friend needed to go to the hospital because of the spiked drink. Do you have some ideas? Local people have told me it is mafia and police do not care. Maybe someone can help, what should I do next in order make sure the I get my money returned?

Talking to police will not work as they never give you a receipt and not any other proof we have. But we never used the credit card in there, so they must have been given the details from Princesa!? But I wasn't drunk and checked my bank app immediately after I stepped out of the club. Sogo al.

Very attractive Girl came to me And warsaw gentlemens club started talking.

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The only solution is to move on and never ever carry your cards with you just enough money for a night. New Orleans ul. I even have debit card receipt for this amount with a club name on it and a wrist band. I got scammed a few days ago early morning of July 11, Realized the transactions once I arrived back home.

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I was too drugged and too weak to argue and somehow got back to hotel without being hurt by the thugs. They have a wide variety of customers that include stag parties that now visit the city on a regular basisbusinessmen and people out on the town partying. I was in there, ordered a beer and sat there. Crazy - my memory was erased - The trick was they tried out my card with small amount for a drink for pretty girl warsaw gentlemens club next to me talking. These thugs should burn in hell.

As you say, the issue that we all have is proving it was fraud even though the pin was entered. I have a friend who got robbed at a club as well. I read an article about creating an army against them.

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Therefore we avoid banality and crudeness'. I was in Warsaw warsaw gentlemens club Aug A guy on the street lured me to walk into this club just to see the club and girls without cover charge. Police will do nothing about it. Just follow one of theirs visitor's advice ' If you are thinking of going there, you should stop thinking and just go. Not now I guess I have to check! Lost euros. That's why I choose the strip clubs wisely. Ironically, some guy started yelling at me in Polish because my friend whose card we were using didn't want to spend any money.

Hope people read this first before going out to strip clubs in Poland. Waitress was well trained to scam. Btw it would be a dream to organize a bug revenge plan but I think it is impossible.

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Got scammed today for euros. I would love to and go with many people to this place and destroy it. In the morning when I checked my wallet and card, my wallet was empty euros approxthe card was empty euros and even they took my supermarket card from the wallet. When did it happen?

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What a shame that this country can continue to let this happen so widespread. I think the whole thing was warsaw gentlemens club set up. What are usually the outcomes of this type of situation? DO NOT go here. Go to Dark Horse! We have gathered a selection of the best strip clubs in the city. Then because it is a chip card and was pinned in, my hope of getting anything back is slim.

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Bureaucratic stuff over here sucks. Exactly the same. I agree but they are not the same, very different but they got their pros for specific customers ; I think Hustler is liked by younger men.

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Rude staff and ugly dancers who do not get full naked but take lots of money. Is there any advice anyone could give me? What was the outcome of this mate? It happened also to me years ago I tried everything but I couldn't have the money back Hey, It happened to me yesterday. Then I warsaw gentlemens club and talked to the manager asking for a refund, because when the charged me the waitor told me I was paying only about zl. The case was a big deal for warsaw gentlemens club CC company and they have made chargebacks, pending further investigation.

I talked to my bank and they said it's impossible to get money back. I feel so betrayed and want this ruthless scammers to be punished if there is any law and order left in this country. He worked really hard for us but only took my friend's statement due to him not having good English. All a bunch of lying scumbags and it's crazy the police arent shutting them down - mafia or no mafia, they want to call themselves an EU country yet allow this to happen on what seems to be a weekly basis!

Luckily that was the maximum amount that can be withdrawn at once. It was zloti that was taken out of my debit card. This place is dangerous.

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The building, where the club is based in, perfectly captures warsaw gentlemens club atmosphere of the place - luxury and taste that encourage you to have a look inside The club's beautiful and sensual dancers, together with a fully stocked bar serving top alcoholic beverages and, most importantly, its classy, ellegant de, will guarantee a memorable night! Same here! If you are buying drinks for yourself, your pals or a girl, we suggest you check the prices on the drinks menu before you do so!

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My worry is that whatever they used to drug me is giving me serious headaches already for 10 days. A typical price warsaw gentlemens club a dance may be zl, and you will have to pay to get into some of the clubs - but not all. Please use whatever social medi to spread this scam and fraud and damage to people body!!! We had fraud attempts at Golden Moon as well. Do I need to go back to warsaw and file a report to the police? A friend and I are convinced we were drugged two nights ago. All the main places to go are just a cheap taxi ride apart, so it is possible to check out all of what's on offer very easily.

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They scam money out of you also. Warsaw is well known for having some great strip clubs and bars located within the city.

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Still wondering what makes this place so special? I'd advise contacting the embassy if you can. Now I just want to leave this place of poor and full of thieves. Perhaps they even drugged us in Golden Moon before sending us on. Then drugged me with spiked shots - l must have lost all my consciousness and they put in my pin or I was tricked to put it in and they took the maximum warsaw gentlemens club they can get out.

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I'm extremely interested! Most have girls that perform strip teases on stage, with an option of paying for a private dance. I was told to come back to Warsaw to make my statement but the police wouldn't even speak to me when I got here - for all they know I could have been reporting terrorism! She said zloti I remember and said OK. After they basically drugged me, I was asked to pay and I did using debit card.

New Orlean is an exclusive gentlemen's club located right in the centre of Warsaw. Warsaw gentlemens club take me with guide who look like little boy, but he is v warsaw gentlemens club and tricky Do not drink the shots they have drugs inside. I will remember that for the rest of my life for sure Very true guys, this is a life time lesson. They spiked our drinks and people end up in hospital. Very bad club, I go to the club with my friends from Germany. It was not zloti. If you don't have a case, I don't know if there is any way we can give you a statement to say it happened to us?

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