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If they don't stop by, they aren't.

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The area seemed safe enough and the dancers were pleasant. They also want me to return to my car which is parked in a metered public spot and move it 20 yards to the valet so I can pay someone to park it. I wish my bedroom was decorated like this. Over time, I've actually grown to enjoy it. This is a real classy t with the most beautiful women I ever seen at a strip club and it don't make you feel like you walked into Sam Hell cause ain't no sin to love the ladies.

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Trust me, there is very little you can slide onto your body or feet that will compare to the leather bustier and thigh high boots on the "Lovely Alexis. Found a parking spot on 8 mile, walked to the front door with my fiancee and we were greeted by a door man who told us we couldn't enter unless we paid the valet detroit strip club reviews park our car. And no I wasn't looking for any "action" I was there with my GF among other people. This is a classy, classy t and you best be on good behavior or they throw your ass out.

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I took my friend Cleon who just got out of the t and was acting all mooslim and shit talking about flying lady horses with boobs till I said, "what do the koran say about white titties? Which brings me back to the Penthouse Club. A group of us went during prime time 10pm - 12am on a Saturday night.

She looked at me and said, "Dear, don't you know the advertising industry can do the same thing? In short, it's a great place, ruined by a dancer that's obviously in the wrong profession.

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Beautiful women, great service albeit slightly expensive for drinksbut overall it was everything you'd expect from a top notch club in Vegas. A little fashion secret for the ladies: The best part of going to strip clubs is that there is a very high probability that no matter what you wear, it will never be as outrageous or scandalous as what the dancers are wearing.

It's a fun place for adult entertainment in The D. Yes, it was inevitable that I would eventually write a review of a strip club.

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It's very vegas-y strip clubby-y. You could have yelled stop and walked out at any time. It's definitely about four steps up from Bouzouki in Greek Town.

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Just know that the presence of a woman with a man in a strip club will throw most dancers off. Be careful, you can spend all your money in here tho. Are you picking up what I'm laying down here?

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The atmosphere is the best out of all of the clubs in Detroit the lights and decor is just flat out fab- no other way to put it. The second a brotha who did a fiver for grand theft auto see a head of bleach and some spinning ivory mammies you can put your church or your prislam where the sun don't shine cause it's booty time USA.

I loved the atmosphere.

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You would think a place charging Vegas prices and with the franchise backing of Penthouse magazine could afford some women that didn't look like they would be as comfortable in a Wal-Mart wheelchair as they are dancing in a thing. The stage is awesome - there's a champagne glass that comes out of the floor and 2 strippers dance on top of it - yeow!

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The service was actually excellent and shame on me for not remembering our waitress's name. Bottom line Safe enough, roomy, well lit Also this club is having legal problems because of the new laws that passed that affect the strip clubs within city limits. I had some damn fine drinks, they really know how to mix them, and wore my best leather slacks and Tony Lamas, but Cleon just drank soda and insisted on wearing some long ass dashiki pajama galabia thing because he said it fit in with Islam detroit strip club reviews of modesty in that it hide the shape of the body, and I said, "You just don't want the ladies to see you got tiny wood.

So this is a great opportunity to pull out that short, tight dress and too-tall-heels that made you feel a little too self-conscious at the Capital Grille and wear it without fear at the Penthouse Club. You'll fit right in.

For a second I wasn't sure if I was going to post this review - it was a tough battle between my honesty and dignity. I had a damn fine time when I went here! I mean it's all lights and music and strobes and everything a strip club should be!

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Hands-down, this is probably the lux-est detroit strip club reviews club in Metro-Detroit. Echoing earlier reviews again, the dancers are very attractive, probably the most attractive as a group that I have seen in the area.

We are ready to over-pay for cover, drinks, coatchecks and dances yet that is apparently not enough for the penthouse club. My dignity went out the window long ago, might as well be honest. If they tolerate -- or even dig it -- you may have a keeper. I can only imagine how raunchy those hospital Christmas parties get Anyway, for the most part the club was perfect. If you see a girl there with glasses, smoking an electronic cigarette, "going to med school," and referring to herself as 'foxy,' avoid like tuberculosis.

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Again, to echo another review, the stage is great. It's not a bad strip club Hence the three stars. Don't fall for it- go to one of the other strip clubs on 8 mile that are Detroit based businesses. She should be out running a carnival game, where you're encouraged to swindle people, or doing something more befitting of her personality, like clubbing baby seals. Peer pressure works.

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So before I go down that road, a quick story. This is one of the reasons I love Detroit. A week later they ed the contract and I learned a lifelong lesson: When in doubt, tanned girls with boob jobs in high-heels can seal the deal. As is the case in many such establishments, after their rotation on stage, the dancers will come around and look for patrons likely to buy a dance or two or three or seventeen.

Well, least my friend had a great night! We pile into a limo and pull up not at a restaurant, but a "Gentlemans Club" whose name I honestly cannot recall. I assumed she was trying to make up for the lackluster performance when she kept on dancing through the next song silently, but turns out her detroit strip club reviews lack of dancing skills could only be rivaled by her complete inability to use s. Otherwise enjoy your night at the charity gala. It's only flaw was somehow had accidentally put it in Michigan.

Drinks, of course, will be outrageous Penthouse Club is actually one of my favorite places to take dates after a nice, respectable dinner. It's always fun to trip a guy out with a stop at a strip club. I call bullshit on this place for this corporate arrogance. In fact, it was detroit strip club reviews pretty dismal.

I love the atmosphere here.

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The dancers are in-shape and on-par, believe it or not, with most of the women I've seen over the years at premium clubs in Las Vegas like Sapphires and Olympic Gardens. Trust Sasha on this and act accordingly. They weren't, however, very attractive. I was aghast. I have to admit that there is just something deliciously "subversive" about going to strip clubs -- especially if you're a woman.

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It's, as one reviewer put it, a bit like Vegas. How they react to girls rubbing up against you tells you a lot detroit strip club reviews how secure they are in their manhood. First off, this establishment has a fantastic menu. To which I replied with as much calm and politeness as i could muster, "you're out of your mind!

But despite that, we were still having a great night. Went there last Monday for stripper karaoke, which sounded very enticing to me. Especially when it's your job. Depending on the night, you may need to slip the door guy a twenty to get a nice booth or stage-side seat.

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Since professional considerations prevent me from being "that girl" well, maybe I'm more than willing to let them share in the rewards of their labor. Drinks are typical strip club prices The bouncers were nice enough to seat us up front by the stage. If they come around, they are probably bi. So I went to this fine establishment for a charity gala, the theme being supporting single mothers and putting poor students through "med school.

Then I remembered detroit strip club reviews profile picture is me biting into a fried cricket head. It has a slick, clubby atmosphere that is missing at most strip ts in Detroit the Flight Club would probably be its closest competition.

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Fast forward 12 months later: We're trying to close a new with a bunch of male execs in Dallas and things aren't going in our favor. Just kidding: Hot girls, great music, ok food and great service! Great food, great service.

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