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Name: Zara
What is my age: I am 70

There was one girl dancing nude on the central pole when i arrived.

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I visited Le Girls on a wednesday evening around a couple of months ago. Dancers range from 5 to 9 with several 6s and 7s. So, i bought a red bull and sat. I preferred the nude side. Again, it's just not worth it.

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Latest visit was this past Saturday evening. Went to this club for the first time on a Thursday after midnight. I did like that the le girls gentlemens club phoenix was clean. Over the years I have witnessed Le Girls as a good place to enjoy the time and watched it bottom out I am happy it is on the upswing! That is a huge plus, I don't like to get the feeling that I need to wash my hands more than once at a club. I went in thinking it was going to be some what of a bad experience but it turned out to be a solid club.

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I recently started writing my past experiences on TUSCL to provide some record so this review might be a bit outdated. We chatted le girls gentlemens club phoenix watched the stage for a bit, then I had to experience this pleasant lady who gave some great dances and was not reluctant to cozy up. I have visited several times in the past 6 months and have walked out each time more impressed than the last.

The size of the club was alright, it wasn't anything crazy but it could hold a good amount of people on a busy weekend.

Especially when your club already cuts their songs too short. Still a topless side and a smaller nude side. The club now for some dumbass reason tries to push VIPs. Dancers were few, impersonal and cold. None of them asked if i wanted dances or made an effort to so i can ask. She was good looking, so I asked her for a dance, not the other way around.

now. I didn't feel like I was being scammed like at some of the other strip clubs out here. Just talked with me, and not just asking me questions either. She di Le girls gentlemens club phoenix you're looking for an over the top kind of strip club then this isn't really the place, but at the same time this place isn't some hole in the wall either. The atmosphere is friendly and the management obviously is az something right with raising the standards to be a great club. Now that has changed.

The bartender came and mentioned that there is a 2 drink minimum on the nude side and that he can overlook if i tipped him. I'm finding another club to spend it at. The dancers here were very friendly and attractive, they weren't too pushy about dances either which was nice and they definitely knew what they were doing.

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I was able to notice the difference between the sides, the one with alcohol seemed to have some more dancers. This is a decently large area with bar and TV's on the left side of the club.

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There are a couple of poles if i remember correctly and tables on the floor. The dancers were pretty good, some being skinny and not attractive, but there were quite a few that I thought were very attractive. We talked, I sensed she was as real as they come. Her dance was great!

Sat there for around half an hour with 3 girls performing 2 songs each. I was glad with the djs music selection, he seemed to know to keep it more rock but he knew when it was okay to play some techno when he saw that the crowd was bored of the rock music. The place is cleaner than I have seen in most clubs I frequent although it could always be better, chairs and lounges have seen batter days, but I am sure those improvements are az.

I usually go in with bucks in my pocket to spend but I don't want to spend it all on one girl. The dancers say this is so the club can take more money from the dances.

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The receptionist tied an armband. The flow of having a nude side no alcohol and topless with alcohol is nice, and the dancers do work both sides from time to time. I heard changes had been made and am pleased to highly recommend Le Girls as one the top clubs in the valley! It used to be the best club in Phoenix after the remodel. The non VIP floor dances are mostly le girls gentlemens club phoenix dances now, with the bouncers watching you closely.

My fri. Walked a mile or mile and half from there.

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Cover was 10, and dances were 20, but they took me to the corner so as to not be by the front door, which is where I was sitting. I work near ASU and took the valley metro to the airport station.

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Advice to management, charge VIP per song instead of block pricing. I think ill definitely be coming back to this place more often. Decided to try again. DJ was pretty good considering this and wasn't too talkative which is a good thing.

It seems we have to buy drinks even if we came from the nude side of the club. The bar is pretty central, but the drinks are a bit pricey, at least cocktails.

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This club has decent talent and a nice setup, but too bad management tries to take every dollar from every PL that enters. There is an area with couches and a railing where dances are performed.

Le girls gentlemen's club

Walked in early around PMand will say it was slow, but by both sides were rolling with plenty of very attractive and friendly dancers. A good time can be had here but you have to pay a shitload for it. Toggle lustnames.

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This seemed to be a very small space with le girls gentlemens club phoenix central pole and a small pole near the entrance. The atmosphere is pretty good, spacious, and private if need be. They push you for a one drink minimum on each side. But if no one buys VIP then the club will not make shit!

No one was getting table dances on either side. I think the club its self is interesting because they have two sides to the club. I'll start by saying a little over a year ago I would not have sent an endorsement on Le Girls. Early in the evening I was approached by Anastasia, who was wonderful company with no pressure to purchase dances.

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I got bored and headed over to the topless side. My only complaint is that the le girls gentlemens club phoenix side seemed to have less dancers compared to the side with the bar which isn't as big of a deal, but there should be a balance unless they were just low on dancers that night. Lights were good le girls gentlemens club phoenix seating was good. About bucks. Were sitting around the back and she had the moves to turn a man on and show him a good time.

The VIP areas on both sides are somewhat private with a wall or be blocking the view of the main floor. I waited for one I really wanted a dance from to make her way by and spent most of my time and money with her because she didn't come up with the usual fishing lure crap that most of them do.

Took the printout from their website so I can enter without cover.

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It was quiet, not too busy, but I like that too, as it makes the dancers more anxious to find customers. The nude side does not have a bar and the topless side has one.

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