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He is clearly love bombing you. I definitely found when I started dating again that having inflexible boundaries helped me spot the men I should avoid more easily. Forgot your details? Three strikes and they were out.

I was recently in a physically abusive relationship and I kept going back to him again and again — totally hooked and miserable. Imagine you would go out, get together and then break it off.

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Log In. Forums Topics. He is not paying attention to the rhythm you are feeling comfortable with, he is not checking in with you he is just constantly harassing you and imposing his ways.

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General discussion Life after an abusive relationship. However, I have also met someone new now, he is very kind, sweet and affectionate.

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I would definitely put my guard up a bit. Keep me ed in.

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Getting Out Having a bad day? HopeLifeJoy Participant. You must be logged in to reply to this topic. Ask a third time and they got blocked.

Groups Newest Active Popular Alphabetical. Create. Goodness this behaviour would make me run the opposite direction. Thank you.

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His behaviour now is very indicative of what it would be like in the future. The first ask got a light-hearted no. Hi all, I was recently in a physically abusive relationship and I kept going back to him again and again — totally hooked and miserable.

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The second got an outright no, and your persistence is making me uncomfortable. Try saying no to him about the next date or ask him to stop sending you texts altogether and observe his reactions.

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I would also suggest maybe telling him that the continual texting, compliments love forums, while flattering, are making you slightly uncomfortable as it is so early in your relationship. I was internet dating, in a small community, so I refused to tell which village I was from, and which type of car I drive until after we had met — in a public place. The difference between genuine flattery and interest and love bombing is the pace I think.

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A normal reaction would be to respect your wish and stop immediately and perhaps apologise to you. If he takes this on board then you proceed with caution I am afraid all relationships post abuse have to proceed with caution, because we can be very vulnerable.

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VivienRosie Participant. Not even taking the time to get to know who you truly are, just showering you, harassing you and suffocating you.

Law in the Making Project. Actually pre-abuse I dated a man a little like this and found it somewhat smothering. He would most probably not take no for an answer and stalk and harass you. Tiffany Participant. Toggle.

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