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I'm also not a fan of silicone, so the available talent wasn't much of an issue. Park in the back and look out for potholes in the gravel lot. I spent the rest of my time and money with her, I think I had almost as strip clubs in sioux city of time with her as I would have in a private but for almost and hour instead of one song. Haven't been into teasers. The gist of it was, she was pushing very hard for private dances.

I've seen better, but I've also had fun in much worse. Even though the dancers aren't the best looking they make up for it by being very friendly. I was first approached by a middle-aged Asian dancer. About 10 dancers on shift and about 30 guys, a bout half Hispanic. It was a Saturday night, about midnight.

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Dancers Etnicity : Mixed. This is the VIP or private dance area.

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Just a basic old bar with worn floors and decent pool tables. When you first enter, Maverick's looks like any of a thousand small watering holes in the Midwest, except the barflies are wearing a bit less. Especially in this title crap hole. Drinks are strong, patron and pineapple I was introduced to the dance prices. I definitely felt out of place. They have now added a couple more rooms over by the pool tables. Club type: Topless Dancers.

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When there are more dancers than customers, the girls can get pretty persuasive. Dear God, I know that Maverick's is close to the old Stockyards, but the heifers are still around. Bartenders and wait staff can be surly, but regulars look comfortable chatting them up.

They still have the three walled-off private dance areas with the female bird dog.

Comments and reviews Atmosphere:. When the club fills up with blue-collar guys, many times Latinos, then the dynamics change. Girls aren't much to look at.

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Went there late wednesday nigth about 10 to 15 guys there. But she was also trying to carry on a conversation over the too-loud music with a very heavy accent. The girls are never better thanand some can get pretty thick and drunk.

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I have been here before a few times. I got a beer at the bar, and took a seat at a table near the stage.

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We moved into a little darker corner of the bar and had a great time just with the table dances. Sometimes the dancers congregate at the bar and kind of grab you as you come in. There's a bar to the left, and a strip clubs in sioux city of pool tables beyond that. There were at least three girls that must have been pushing They all lacked sales skills. She was VERY friendly, which wasn't bad. Strip clubs U. Iowa Sioux City Maverick's. There was no activity on stage and about 5 or 6 girls were sitting together in groups of two or three. The "gem" of the group was a redhead who could do a few pole tricks, but up close had bruises and had definitely had.

I like this place very much and would recommend it to anyone. If you go to the end of the bar, a room opens to the left where the stage area is located. Maverick's 5 reviews Add review. Most of the dancers are in the range.

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There is no working door that opens onto the street, so don't make the mistake of trying to walk around to the front of the building. Along one wall are some "cubicles" like you'd find in an office building. There were a couple of black girls and a couple of odd tat girls. I'm working in the area for a few weeks, so I checked out the two clubs to see if they're worth the hour drive from where I'm staying. They have those s posted all over and there is no indication that you can pay by the dance.

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Sometimes the drunk girls come up and slobber on you until you order them a drink and then they take the drink and go sit with somebody else. Unfortunately, I had a couple unexpected events on my journey in town that postponed me and I showed up to 22 girls a little too late to work, so I called and they were more than happy to have my GF and I.

This is your typical midwest hole-in-the-wall. It can be a little off-putting when it seems desperate, but sometimes it is welcoming to have a girl grab you right out of the gate. The big change appears to be the pricing structure: 6 min.

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I've worked in many strip clubs throughout the midwestern and southern regions and I HATE clubs that have an unreal split and overpriced dances! I knew that it would be a seller's market when I went in. No doors on any of them, just archways.

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I went out and had a smoke and when i came back in Extacy came by and said hello, wow, very hot huge boobs and a nice ass, great face and very friendly. I think of the two clubs in Sioux City, I prefer Maverick's a little more. Password Remember Me. Password Register. Related Clubs. I'm actually more comfortable with "real" women than super-models. She was very attentive and a heavy smoker. now.

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One night a thick busty black girl sat down straight across from me and did an aggressive dick massage, asking me to go back for a lap dance. But the theme this night was thick girls. The private rooms are not very good--about 5' walls and a hard park bench with maybe a throw pillow. Tough looking club. They take 10 out of a single song dance Needless to say, the girls don't walk away with a decent chunk of the money The man spentthe woman got On top of that. I never went for a private dance but she didn't seem to mind.

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She gave me a table dance and rubbed me in a very good way. It was the first time for me Toggle lustnames.

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When it was obvious I Whooie, what a stinker night! Came here to dance last minute.

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