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Vietnam sex workers are in Cambodia or Pattaya.

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This is not First off, in terms of what Spidermilk said about women not wanting to be seen in public with a foreigner, don't believe that for a minute. You can't take them to a low star hotel, as you'd be reported.

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I think most Buddhist countries, sex is more of a functional thing. It's in about 20 parts if you have the time. They are often quite pushy as vendors too.

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The best part, is I am able to say I will not be returning in this lifetime, if I can help it. I was working in HCMC and my wife was with me and she decided that vietnam sex forum didn't like the place, never made an effort to meet other thai ladies like they usually do I posted a few times regarding my romantic interlude on TVF about 10 years ago I tried to pretend that I didn't like her and was simply being foolish I haven't been to Vietnam, but have plans to do so.

Of course, if you go back 20 years and beyond, one remembers that none of the residents of any communist country in Europe were a happy lot. Never heard of someone going to Vietnamese for horny women. Particularly from the Mainland, which I"m assuming you are referencing.

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Some may not agree with me but I've lived in numerous countries in Asia for years and will say that Vietnamese women rank pretty high on the beauty scale. Just some advice, a Viet nstional is not allowed to stay in a hotel room with a foreigner unless they are married. By brubakertxMay 7, in Vietnam Forum.

Lower star hotels may overlook this vietnam sex forum but higher star places will more than likely enforce it. That's interesting as I haven't seen any bars over there. What women do have to shoulder is the responsibility of their families and if vietnam sex forum come from a deadbeat family it can be burdensome, but which is also a reason why they want to meet a foreigner and also a reason why you need to be wary.

There is no go go scene, no bar girl scene, no flirting scene. Vietnam women are NOT available. Freaky in bed, assertive, aggressive attitudes and very diligent in getting what they want.

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What he's saying about Vietnamese women is true. Not because they are horny.

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How many did you bang? One thing I noticed about Vietnamese girls is that they tend to be more wild in bed than any other Southeast Asian nationality. I wish I had overrun the border, instead of being subjected to that vietnam sex forum attitude" for all those weeks. Rarely date, are really straight, very conservative and want to vietnam sex forum and have babies.

Neither are known as delightful, but I have heard Vietnamese laugh a lot more, and just be more enjoyable to be around, myself. But if you are with them in a high star hotel, apparently they look the other way in Malaysia, if with a Malay girl. I was with some colleages in boozy circumstances in Ca Mau and we sang praises to the VN women that we knew: 'and they got curves, tits and asses I have never been romantically involved with my friends there and we have always been able to remain trusted friends which is very uncharacteristic of most of asia in my experience You were in Vung Tao tutsi?

They are the opposite of Lao women. So maybe their attitudes stem from the lack of freedom and the environment of suspicion they are engulfed by.

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Very few. The women are easier and sexier in Vietnam. Hanoi shuts shop at 10 I found some interesting footage on YouTube that gives much info. Saigon also has lots of naughty ladies, I couldn't sit in the park without some young woman offering to show me her room.

I agree with Spidermike vietnam sex forum they maybe not a happy lot. I don't think I've ever heard of Vietnamese as sex fiends either. This is not the case in such an extend with the other nationalities.

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Unless you are saying that the Vietnamese are ificantly worse? I'm not saying I don't think Vietnamese or Thai don't like sex, that hasn't been my personal experience. But, in general, if you want horny girls, go to the Philippines or Indonesia. They are not available.

Women go to a great extent to look beautiful and there's a great emphasis on always looking good they prefer older guys too. But, in ever heard this in the Philippines, and rarely in Cambodia. Never heard of the Chinese being friendlier, easier to be around, delightful, or anything like that But they are fairly rude and aggressive in almost all situations. Very aggressive foreigner hunters, in Saigon and Vung Tau, I couldn't believe how often I was approached. I was curious and had a look and met someone that ended up nearly destroying my marriage but still remember fondly I see.

Personally I've found girls in Vietnam a little more reserved than Thailand but still very vietnam sex forum girls to date. In Saigon there are a few sex workers providing one off vietnam sex forum short time services as HJ massages in small pokey rooms. No idea what you're talking about. If I were married to a Vietnamese woman, and she was adamant about her rights as a human being, that's not a bad thing.

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Vietnam girls do not do one night stands. This is my sincere opinion. They are very subdued compared to Vietnamese. That's the general rule. I lived there for years, mainly in the south, and I can honestly say that some of the sexiest women I have ever seen -- even just walking down the street, in a bank, coffee shop, or wherever -- were in Vietnam.

Vietnamese women make Thai girls look like a bunch vietnam sex forum amateurs in this regard, they really, really, can. It's packed with hooker bars all around the front beach area MK bar and all the ro around it. Of course there are exceptions. Very, very few women I have encountered here really like sex. They perform sex since it helps them to achieve their objectives, but only a small percent genuinely love it, and finish, finish, is that enough, are you ok, is something you have to get used to hearing. BUT -- and I can't emphasize this enough -- you have to be careful because for every pretty girl looking for a nice guy there's a pretty girl waiting to bleed you dry.

Vietnam sex forum approach to their employers is how to benefit from any arising situation.

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It's much more annoying when you are with a woman who has no clue that she has basic rights as a human being, and allows herself to be ripped off and taken advantage of left and right, as that effects you as well. I also met vietnam sex forum 'bad girl' inna bar in Vung Tao about 10 years ago and things got outta hand and we fought like lovers May 7, Childish question for a 49 year old.

Anybody who tells you different is a fantasist or liar. So, in my mind, the Vietnamese girl will try to extract the pound of flesh from a boyfriend if she can. The other nationalities of the maids are mostly Filipino and Srilankan.

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Viet women have no desire to mix with foreigners. So, no, unfortunately I was in Vietnam.

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You are probably very accurate about the Vietnamese women liking sex more than the Thais. Now the most dangerous, scheming, and untrustworthy arefrom what I hear, the Vietnamese. Right near the Thai border?

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You should go today, as fast as you can. As far as them "carrying the burden of the last two centuries on their shoulders", this isVietnamese are more concerned about getting wealthy than caring about the past. In my country the maids are mostly from the far east and South Asia.

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One hears this kind of nonsense, that le you to believe most Thai women are not really sexual animals, quite often. They are capable workers, demanding their rights and generally are a force to reckon with.

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